Bluetooth Speakers, SOWTECH Bluetooth Portable Wireless Stereo Speaker with Enhanced Bass for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nexus, Samsung, Mp3 Players, PC and Build-in Microphone for Calls - Black

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Bluetooth Speaker SOWTECH
  • Bluetooth: By Bluetooth connection, you can easily play from Samsumg / iPhone / iPod / PC etc. Effective distance: Approximately 10 m. Note: SCMS-T does not correspond.

  • AUX input compatible: When you connect MP3 etc., it is possible to listen to your favorite music forever. I will give you a 3.5 mm AUX cable.

  • Call correspondence: Built-in microphone is installed, and it is possible to output clear speech sound. Operation is also easy.

  • Long time playback: Continuous playback for 6-8 hours, with USB power cable, you can use it for a longer while charging. Effortless music that is powerful

  • Package: Speaker main body + 3.5 mm AUX cable (gift) + USB cable + instruction manual + 1 year product warranty (no warranty attached)


Basic operation


Method of operation:
Play / Stop: Press the function button.
To answer the call / hang up the phone: Please push the function button.
Deny call: Please press the function button twice.
Dial on the last call: Please press the function button twice.
Volume adjustment: Press and hold the volume button long.
Previous / next song: Please press the volume button.
Change mode; You can change to AUX input by pressing the mode button.

Charging method:
Please connect the USB cable to the speaker body.
The lamp lights red during charging.The lamp turns off when charging is completed.

High quality


Bluetooth + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)

Besides bluetooth, EDR technology adopted by major manufacturers is installed.

While playing small, you can play the music with high fidelity as it is.

SOWTECH is a distinctive deep sound quality and reverberating sound.

Product specification

Operating range within 10m
Wave number 2.4GHZ
Charging power DC 5V
Charging time about 3 hours
Talk time about 6 hours
Reverberation time about 6 minutes
Standby time about 120 hours


Important point:
1. If you do not use the machine for a long time, please keep the battery fully charged and also charge from time to time to prevent battery deterioration.
2. Bluetooth connection with this unit is within the radius of 10 m.

If there are obstacles within the range of connection or it is too far away, audio distortion and connection may be interrupted.


1 Bluetooth wireless speaker
One USB charging cable
Instruction manual 1 part
One AUX audio cable

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