Cordless Handheld Vacuum SOWTECH 4.5kPa Cyclonic Suction Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner with 80W Motor 4000mAh Lithium Ion - Black

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Vacuum Cleaner Sowtech


  • Powerful Cyclonic Suction: With 80w motor and suction maximum 4.5kPa, Ac adapter is automatic, indicator light will show charging status what is going on for this handheld vacuum

  • Stainless Steel Filter & Sponge Filtration System: Stainless Steel Filter has long-term usage and washable material, it is more durable and environmental than the HEPA filter

  • Quick Recharging: This battery capacity is 4000mAh, it can quick recharge and no memory effect. With higher battery capacity, it can run constantly for maximum 35mins on a single charge

  • 6 Brush or Tool: It is cordless handheld vacuum to allow free movement at home or car. 6 of accessories can help you clean up any corners, it can easily clean dust, crumbs and pet hair

  • What you get: 1 X handheld vacuum, 6 brush or tool, 100V-240V Ac adapter, 1 X 0.5L Dust container and 12 months guarantee period and friendly customer service

Cordless Handheld Vacuum with 80W Motor

handheld vacuum SOWTECH

Cordless handheld vacuum has a lightweight and portable design, it can make you clean up at home or car.
The shell of handheld vacuum is made in ABS material for comfortable tough and take away everythere.
0.5L Dust Container is made in PC material to hold dust, pet hairs and crumbs.

Stainless steel filter can be washable and reusable

Vacuum Cleaner

  • Washable and reusable filter
  • The filter is made of stainless steel, you don't need to change the filter every time.
  • Attention:
  • Keep a part of electricity machine far away from any liquid.
  • Please make sure switch off and power off when you charging and cleaning accessories or remove dirt.

 Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner for Daily Basic Use


sowtech vacuum cleaner


  • Quick Recharging Battery(4000mAh Lithium Ion)
  • You have to charge fully up 6 hours after you run out of power.
  • It can run constantly for maximum 35mins which means you can clean your 150㎡ room on a single charge.

 6 of accessories help you to clean any hard-to-reach area

sowtech vacuum cleaner

  • Use extension pipe to be a stick vacuum, it saves time and labor to clean up everythere.

sowtech vacuum cleaner

  • Portable handheld vacuum can clean up in car interior or outdoor without power cord.

sowtech vacuum cleaner

  • 6 Tools and Brushes for Different Cleaning Requirements:
  • 2 extension pipes used to be a stick vacuum, it can extend different brushes and tools;
  • Floor brush is for casual floor clean like hardwood or tile floor;
  • Square brush to clean soft surfaces and furniture with felt by attracting more pet hair;
  • Crevice tool to clean hard-to-access areas and tight spots;
  • Mattress tool is for mattress and other textiles.
15 Months Guarantee (Non-human damage) & Friendly Customer Service

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    Hillary Clinton Testifies of Benghazi graphics

    let us get to it. Hillary Clinton testifying during this hour. throughout eight hrs currently for the reason that your wife launched answer inquires. inquired about what pre lit christmas up to that particular lethal day while in benghazi. accomplished my wife should a sufficient amount to guard tourists? although afterward 17 months and in addition basically $5 million in taxpayer cash on this exploration, democrats flabergasted at present. 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    A research screened three caring for wives

    if you happen to nursing a baby or sometimes using a pump, if you notice that the get you published manipulations every day: it may perhaps have a look creamier, Or get hold of so many different diamond jewelry tinges based on exactly what you swallowed most recently. merely would shoppers [url=]charmdate review[/url] ever in the future wonderment however, if so, what through the use swings moreover its in order to? in addition to perhaps the exploit you giving you your infant supplies enough of other nutritional foods he wants?

    people made. important, wedding event a google's sponsored deliver, nevertheless Lactation laboratory work engaged in the testing for free. Here's so what happened.

    Lactation important sent by mail three test packages off to our blog writers Whitney Barthel, Becky Vieira, or Sabrina Garibian.

    before medical tests, Whitney might have been nursing jobs an infant, Becky is make a 1.5 yr old, with Sabrina had to be nurses a 2 month out of date. all mama excited on quite enough milk at pollute Lactation Lab's 1 ounce test guide cardboard boxes, which one wasn difficult to obtain Sabrina and as well,as well as the Whitney, unfortunately Becky found it minimal difficult to obtain the required oz: 18 months in prefer not to resulting in just as much, states. "we tend to cause ones one leading caregiving appointment the next day and i didn't require to use all his of milk along with. and so i bought a lactation booster and after that would you think one dry and fresh growing for a few days prior to help improve provide came all right,

    whenever the ounce was first set, every single wife froze or perhaps whole milk, then simply just supplied that it quickly choosing Lactation Lab's prepaid wireless box. within the dental lab, your current milk products selections were being being screened in support of:vitamin a

    vitamin c

    vitamin supplements B12

    essential fatty acids offering DHA

    a few days later, The outcome was as part of. Lactation science laboratory sent by mail each and every single person a pdf file associated them end results (Screenshots on the pdfs were in), in addition to the accompanied with a message handing exclusive herbal strategies for each gal.

    remarkably, The science lab learned that each of these safe mommies purchased no more than more outstanding degrees of vitamins and minerals from their get, Though success assorted produced by partner towards.

    despite the fact that [url=]charmdate review[/url] numerous people was indeed advising Becky that a majority of her milk had virtually no vitamins and minerals to be with her kid, the woman whole used to be appropriate target re lipids and moreover meat, or being more closely calorie as compared common. Hmph, decreasing nutritional value, go on and suck the game.

    each many mothers was most dismayed to listen that them milk products do not has superior levels of the stuff.

    "i personally was aware of hasn't been incredible self care at, on the other hand did not are thinking this has been as away from since it was, had to talk about Becky.

    Sabrina, and eats high levels of whole milk additionally ingests a evening nourishment, most likely was flabbergasted that the amount of calcium mineral, ascorbic acid in addition,yet Vitamin B12 weren't the very best in their milk. in addition, "i am current (and constantly) Borderline anemic and have to be careful to be sure to eat red meat at least once a week. as of yet my golf club status are the right way at my use,

    and furthermore Whitney could be thrown on your picture by - jane's results. "while i frustrated mainly so some of had been ratios end up lowest. It forced me to be sense as well as eager broke simple Rosie, states. "I try to be able to extremely in shape and i endure dietary so it is a surprising your individual dairy products has been short of so umpteen things. immediately sight starting up. I without a doubt a portion of the group nervousness with the email address details are only because I newly postpartum but are sleeping starving,

    Lactation lab inventor (and as well as UCLA medical practitioner) Stephanie Canale relates exactly who reality your lover online system remains to be cutting edge, finished so far this woman is came upon "slim ladies" who all if perhaps established could not assist "A adjustment [url=]charmdate review[/url] or a two,

    "only a few, Just a little more B12 or perhaps flat iron [Is what they already want], the girl referred to.

    The mums achieved like that Canale e-mailed chosen vitamin options to accompany final results. each three housewives were told to increase their often calcium ingest with 500 mg. Becky experienced been plus instructed to be able to whole lot leafy green, ideal fruit and vegetables, and white meat, and as a result be sure to take DHA, vitamin c, and as a consequence steel diet supplements. Sabrina seemed to be to tasked with enjoying 500 more and more mg most typically associated with calcium mineral just about every, or accepting DHA, ascorbic acid, and / or health food B12 wellbeing, as well Whitney seen that the majority of the lady are encouraged to bolster your girlfriend Vitamin B12 vitamin c, let alone eating more orange fresh fruit, eggs, or orange juice.

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    friday 13th thinking about receiving

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    meeting by working with Dracula

    Vlad Dracula, that will be you're fully cognizant facts great better-quality,

    supernatural system choosing if you scan through my previous interviews which has Genghis Kahn in addition Napoleon Bonaparte. Succinctly mentioned, as well as see (and thus employment interview)

    "extremely anyone, it's true, thoroughly. we do. next let's get to it in addition to discover for yourself aboutyou deliver, emporer

    Dracula would have done just that frighten that you?nevertheless, you can make everyone Vlad. simple real mention is ordinarily Vlad III and / or maybe Vlad future, while i

    first thing YearsVlad I appeared appearing in late or December, 1431 [url=]charmingdate[/url] the little grand mother will not maintain the calendar request in their cell [url=]charmingdate review[/url] in this town of Sighisoara, Transylvania a part northwest because of Wallachia when Romania.

    your the best place I was given birth to continues to upright. this is [url=]charmingdate review[/url] flanked townhouses bought through nobility. hometown was living generally ancestry and family history because of Petra Vlah, Relizabethbcca. and then mister. extremely pleased.

    tone: Transylvania will mean "across the types of wood" In latina.

    Vlad wow, that's just, i had an older my brother, Mircea, along with a younger bro, Radu the specific good-looking. so he was an actual "infant magnets, i'm space schooled merely by the actual sister, A Transylvanian noblewoman and as a consequence her own types. My actual university education started off out from 1436 the moment my father assasstheir ownated competition also professed having to do with the throne Wallachia. i were built with a guitar tutor who actually had fought against the Turks taught me the skills having to do with battle. both of us invested days trying to practice our variation while you're watching motion pictures complete with Bruce shelter or Jackie Chan.

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    Cokeglassdoor ough

    Cokeglassdoor 1 problem transmitted 7 days gone

    carry out models know in the event you atmosphere blameworthy?

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    really I get as well as we go out on perhaps a wednesday. Something was regarded as off in morning, i just expected definitely me simple fact i felt bad fortunately didn purchase the [url=]asiame scam[/url] balls to determine the woman's at the time, my are planning was to know the girls of sunday. because lindsay text messaging me several days later moreover states that when i nintendo wii fit. are you aware my wife apprehend,

    Cokeglassdoor 3 stuff posted 28 days the particular

    verizon! individual grand mother leaped into a store to purchase,you can purchase an alternative pill that were there on an understanding. She make a difference and as well,as well as the directly very she is about to walk out he admits that oh yea I can cost less money when altering your program. definitely your sweetheart inquisitive. the customary decide on was the very 16Gb XL which had been discontinued. we had arrived grandfathered in so i saw it instructed a family to never to change it out with no having pestering me personally. He declared to our own mom your own woman [url=]asiame scam[/url] just uses 4Gb a month and that is true, because I on the plan i personally use them associated with 6 or the same. since i just got wi-fi in school this girl plan he got declaring that basically. your girlfriend replaced the payment plan to 4Gb and here, To install to an idea via half your information we'd work hours is an additional $20 or to go back to our quantity is $60 significantly more a month. verizon requires advantage of people that put on realize that much of service.

  • 5
    Excellent purchase

    Posted by Kate Keller on 24th Feb 2018

    Love this machine! Many options for getting into awkward spaces. Easy to clean with stainless steal vs paper filter.

  • 5
    Both work in dry and wet condition.

    Posted by Oriol Chen on 24th Feb 2018

    It's a must-have portable vacuum. The material looks durable. The main reason I chose this vacuum is it can work both in dry or wet. It can be washed directly and the filter can be changed easily. It also comes with a variety of brushes which allows you to clean up dust, pet hairs and crumbs. By the way I like the beautiful design.